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The project ik-snap-er-niks-van is inspired from and dedicated to
all the people who admit to not understand what's going on.

In what situation? You name it!

For special people all together: wanderers, adventurers, expats, dreamers, out-of-the-box thinkers, people ready for change, people bringing change.

More curious?

iksnaperniksvan = ικ σναπ ερ νικς φαν

- What is that?

The Dutch expression 'ik snap er niks van' meaning 'I don't get it' or
'I don't understand anything', but then written with Greek letters.

- What do the official dictionaries/translations say about it?

Check it out here https://en.bab.la/dictionary/dutch-english/ik-snap-er-niks-van

- What about the drawing under the letters?

That's the head of an astronaut staring into the unknown. 

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